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Matubatuba Attorneys is a firm whose attorneys have more than ten years of experience. The firm’s main aim is to have its foundation on being a reliable and compatible firm of attorneys that provides an excellent service to its clients.

We believe in building close business partnerships with our clients to fully understand the environment and industry in which they operate. In that way we are able to partner with our clients in pursuing and achieving their strategic goals while assisting them to avoid legal challenges encountered in the ordinary course of business.
The firm focuses on a solid foundation of insightful and innovative deal structuring and legal advice, keen ability to understand our clients business and dynamic focus on achieving the best legal outcome while maintaining a personal relationship with our clients.
We can proudly boast with confidence once more that we have managed within such a short space of time to attract high profile clients because of high standard of work and service that we provide.


Delivering solutions of maximum commercial value to our clients by providing quality services that enhance our clients’ success


Teamwork - we are committed to establishing and maintaining collaborative and supportive teams with our clients. We also encourage personal responsibility within our team.
Continuous improvement - we believe in continuous learning. We reward goal-oriented effort and acknowledge the achievements of the individuals that make up our team.
Integrity - we strive to maintain the highest possible ethical standards and earn the trust of all our clients. 


To provide useful, pragmatic, imaginative and personalised solutions, and to communicate them to our clients in a clear and concise manner in order to allow them to make well-informed decisions. The firm is also dedicated to anticipating its clients’ possible problems and resolving them beforehand, so that they do not materialize. These objectives are only carried out with respect to the principles that TMatubatuba Attorneys Inc has endorsed, such as duty based ethics; perfect professional ethics.

Growth Strategy

  1. We want to be the first and only choice for our clients in all our multi-disciplinary services. This goal will be achieved through our efforts to consistently bundle skills and services together to find innovative legal solutions to our clients’ problems
  2. Quality to us remains top priority - we can never afford to let our standards slip. We are focused on being an employer of choice, recruiting the best talent and providing people with the chance to reach their full potential.

Billing Structure

Our firm commits itself to maintain the highest degree of professionalism and ethical conduct at all times. Our billing rate is determined by the seniority of the person working on the assignment and the amount billed will be rounded off to the nearest quarter of an hour. The firm therefore welcomes the establishment of a non-exclusive arrangement with other larger firms for the purpose of enhancing their expertise and service levels.



32 Selkirk St
Germiston South (Industries E A)


Phone: +27 11 825 1161 
Fax: 086 623 0177